Java Servlets (Enterprise Computing)

Java Servlets (Enterprise Computing)

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  • Release Date: 01 June, 1999
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Author: Karl Moss

Customer Rating: 3.06 of 5 (32 total reviews)

  • 2 starsShallow coverage of servlets, may be of use for beginners

    I flicked through this title in the bookshop, while looking for some good servlet titles. The coverage of this book is pretty shallow - for example their only mention of cookies is an API listing. Most servlet books cover cookies and session management, as well as more advanced (but related) servlet topics. I'd highly recommend "Inside Servlets : Server-Side Programming for the Java Platform" by Dustin R. Callaway instead.

  • 5 starsGreat Book on Servlets and on HTTP

    This is a great book to learn everything about servlets and more. In addition to its more than adequate coverage of servlets, it also discusses esoteric areas like HTTP tunneling and Connection Pool management in depth. These are areas which though not written by run of the mill programmers are essential in understanding Distributed Java computing. It even gives the code for a Three Tier JDBC driver.

    In a nutshell, any Java programmer who is interested in Servlets, JDBC or Distributed Java Computing should own this book.

    It is a pity such a great book has to languish in a series (Java Masters from McGraw Hill) amongst third rate books written by authors who seem to be interested only in making a quick buck and not edifying the reader.

    Personally, I would have overlooked this book, but I noticed it only because the author is known for writing the JDBC-ODBC bridge and also for co-authoring a book on JDBC.

    Buy it!!

  • 2 starsPoor book for Java Servlets

    Moss is good in JDBC, so nearly 1/3 of the book focus on JDBC instead of java servlets, if you are really want to learn servlets, don't buy this book.

    As I said above, the book focus on JDBC, not servlet, so the material covered on servlet is not enough, especially for beginner, they may not even know how to get a parameter from a form.

    Read oreally or wrox instead, don't buy this book if you really want to learn servlet. Only buy this when you like JDBC on java servlet.