Advanced Java Development for Enterprise Applications

Advanced Java Development for Enterprise Applications

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  • Release Date: 24 June, 1998
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Authors: Cliff Berg, Clifford J. Berg

Customer Rating: 3.5 of 5 (8 total reviews)

  • 5 starsgreat book !

    Gosh Cliff you got it this is what you do in your spare time...:)

  • 5 starsSaved me time.

    A great resource for the advanced java developer who is involved in creating a distributed architecture, but doesn't have the time to read all the newsgroups.

    This book has saved me countless hours of searching for answers to the problems encountered when dealing with new concepts and technologies.

  • 4 starsgood guide on enterprise java

    Solid, reasonably sized and organized guide on java applications for enterprise. Was helpful on general orientation and a number of lookups.

    Don't think of it as of the last book you'll need to buy. Just like a map of MA won't be of much help to find your way thru downtown Boston, it should be supplemented later by more detailed information.

    However, you'll find Boston very quickly.

    On the minus side - author is not always precise in code samples. Not a big deal, though.