Java for Business: Using Java to Win Customers, Cut Costs, and Drive Growth

Java for Business: Using Java to Win Customers, Cut Costs, and Drive Growth

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  • Release Date: 01 April, 1997
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Author: Thomas Anderson

A sort of In Search of Excellence for the Java crowd, Java for Business details how 15 companies have embraced Java technology in efforts to make themselves more efficient. Case studies range from how CSX Transportation uses Java applets to enable customers to track rail shipments to the new software-delivery system of the Castanet team at Marimba. Each case study reveals the thinking and general system architectures of Java's early adopters. An employee within each company writes the case study and explains the specific need for a networked commercial application in his or her organization. The case studies then go on to show, in general terms, how Java helped solve each problem, highlighting Java's shortcomings as well as its strong points.

This book isn't about details. You won't find code listings here, or even the sorts of software engineering discussions that would help a developer implement solutions. Rather, Anderson wants to get you thinking about general ways you can solve problems with Java programs. This is a fine book for managers, but programmers should look elsewhere.

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  • 5 starsRequired Reading for the Java-Curious

    If you're looking for examples of Java in the real world, this is the book for you. This book hits the mark with a case-study approach to describing Java's practical uses. There's little Java hype, which is refreshing. The reader gets a sense of the possibilities of the new language and the system development paradigm that goes along with it