Programming with Enterprise JavaBeans, JTS, and OTS: Building Distributed Transactions with Java and C++

Programming with Enterprise JavaBeans, JTS, and OTS: Building Distributed Transactions with Java and C++

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  • Release Date: 13 April, 1999
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Authors: Andreas Vogel, Madhavan Rangarao

Written for the enterprise Java/C++ developer, Programming with Enterprise JavaBeans, JTS, and OTS explains the leading standards for transaction management and Enterprise JavaBeans and provides several valuable examples of actual enterprise-level code. The book begins with a tour of the CORBA Object Transaction Service (OTS), the related Java Transaction Service (JTS), and the Java Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) standards. The authors then provide code for a simple banking application written first in OTS/JTS and then again in EJBs.

A thoroughly technical discussion of transaction processing (TP) follows and, though densely written, provides much technical detail on today's TP standards, including the new CORBA OTS. The authors define basic terms used in transaction processing and OTS transaction architecture and describe the 10 interfaces used for OTS programming (with names such as Current, TransactionFactory, and TransactionObject). They present application programming models (such as "indirect context management with implicit propagation") and interpositioning and failure protocols. Since OTS must work with legacy systems, the authors explain older legacy standards, including X/Open XA.

In a much less theoretical section, the authors show a working sample for an airline reservation system that uses OTS with both Java and C++ code and a Oracle database back end. They then move on to the EJB standard, where they look at different types of EJBs, such as entity beans (which access databases) and session beans (which can store their state). Here they discuss EJB deployment, transaction issues, and security.

The final chapter provides a reworking of the travel reservation system written in EJBs rather than OTS/JTS. The fine examples in this book serve to anchor its more theoretical aspects and will help any enterprise developer tackle OTS/JTS and EJBs for the first time. --Richard Dragan

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  • 3 starsDon't buy this book for EJB & JTS but for OTS

    Not much deep coverage on EJB's and JTS. But OK for OTS. In my opinion, java side of the book is weak . You can find sample code for EJB's (session beans, entity beans etc) and JTS on the web. You dont need to buy a book for just read code. I would expect more detail in this book.

  • 1 starsDon't buy this Book....!

    I am very much disappointed buying this book. It's a waste of money.

    The Source code in the is very much incomplete. Lot of class files are missing. Book source code and listing in the site did'nt match. I sent an Email to and The Mail bounced back and nobody responded to me.

    Believe me.

    If you need more information send me an Email to

  • 5 starsThis book made my less stupid

    If you don't know how to program enterprise java program,but wold like to act like you do or imtimidate your subordinates with buzz worlds and flesh phrases, this is the book for you! I am a project leader who micromanages my group. I use what I've read from this book to fool people everyday, especially those in the upper management It really works! buy it!