Enterprise Development with VisualAge(r) for Java, Version 3

Enterprise Development with VisualAge(r) for Java, Version 3

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  • Release Date: 15 May, 2000
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Authors: Dale R. Nilsson, Peter M. Jakab, Bill Sarantakos, Russell A. Stinehour, Dale R. Nilsson, Peter M. Jakab, Bill Sarantokos, Russell A. Stinehour

Customer Rating: 3.29 of 5 (14 total reviews)

  • 5 starsgreat for learning Visual Age for Java

    The book has really helped me to get up to speed with IBM WebSphere and Visual Age for Java. I have been developing Servlets for some time (Sun Java Web Server and Apache JServ) but have only been using EJB for a month.

  • 3 starsAn Ok book

    This is not a very good book, but better than others available in the market.If you don't know anything about VAJ this is the book to start with ,then you can refer online IBM red books or VAJ tutorial for refrence.The probelm with this book is that the basic things have been explained in a lot of detail, however, when it comes to advanced topics, only an overview is given, so for advanced topics like Enterprise Java Beans it is better to refer VAJ tutorial that comes with the product or red books in PDF format.

  • 3 starsGood to learn about Visual Programming but little else.

    This is a so-so book, very good for learning Visual Programming and GUIs with VAJ but little else. I felt cheated when I found that the database db2 provided in the CD did not work because it had expired even before I ran it the first time! In the later chapters on database access, we need a database so I had to use Access instead with a lot of trial and errors. Bad. I doubt if a beginner could do that. I hope the authors are careful about this. I bought this book solely for my VAJ certification exam, I doubt if its good enough for this though they say it is, in the Introduction.