WebLogic 6.1 Server Workbook for Enterprise JavaBeans (3rd Edition)

WebLogic 6.1 Server Workbook for Enterprise JavaBeans (3rd Edition)

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  • Release Date: September, 2002
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Author: Greg Nyberg

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Customer Rating: 5 of 5 (3 total reviews)

  • 5 starsAn Excellent workbook for beginners.

    Overall rATE of the book: 5
    AN excellent book and it does a great job of explaining the concepts to a beginner like me. There are a lot of solved examples that can walk the beginners through the steps. the book is well written and well structured.

    Instructional rate of the books: 5
    the book has good worked out or simple examples to do the things of interest. they also have screen prints of the menu for better benefit.

    Reference value of the book: 4.

    The book is well written and well structured. the book has a lot of sample code, solved examples and screen prints about configuring the server.

    The books in its later chapters covers advanced topics such as creation of an entity bean, maintaining its statelessness, and using Java messaging services for real world applications.

    the author has done an excellent job in creating this book for users of the weblogic server. I sincerely thank the author for making this book available for users like me.

  • 5 starsExcellent EJB 2.0 Hands-on Workbook

    If you are new to WebLogic or EJB 2.0 and want to learn either or both, there are few better hands-on learning source than this. You do need solid foundation on J2EE/EJB first, though. The author explains really well how's and why's of doing things certain ways and gives many useful tips associated with implementing EJB2.0 - especially on the Container Managed Relationship (CMR). The provided source programs are great too. As they say, you only learn by doing it. This one is highly recommended.

  • 5 starsA must-own companion to the O'Reilly EJB book

    This workbook is a companion guide to the book Enterprise JavaBeans (3rd edition) published by O'Reilly and written by Richard Monson-Haefel. This workbook walks the reader through installing and configuring WebLogic 6.1 as well as deploying the examples described in the EJB book.

    This is a very readable book that explains some of the WebLogic-specific requirements as well as best practices for dealing with EJB's (EJB 2.0 spec) in a WebLogic environment. I highly recommend this book for anyone working with EJB's on the WebLogic application server.

    This WebLogic 6.1 Workbook was originally published by Enterprise JavaBeans author Richard Monson-Haefel's Titan Books publishing company. O'Reilly bought the rights to publish it and order to open it up for a wider audience