Developing Enterprise Apps With Visual J++

Developing Enterprise Apps With Visual J++

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  • Release Date: May, 1997
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Author: Michael Mitchell

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  • 1 starsDon't buy.

    If I could give the book a one star rating, I would. I really did not have problems with the content of the book and the way it was written as much as I had problems with the publisher. The book came with a defective CD ROM. Upon calling the publisher, I went round and round with them, all the while they insisted I have an "out of date CD ROM driver." I pointed out to them I had read a number of CD ROMS (seven to be exact) since I had tried to read theirs. Plus I have a new system running Windows 98.

    It wasn't worth hassle, so I gave up. If you buy, I hope you have better luck than I did.