JBuilder 3.5 Professional

JBuilder 3.5 Professional


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Customer Rating: 4.5 of 5 (2 total reviews)

  • 5 starsAwesome power and flexibility

    After checking out Borland, Microsoft and assorted other Java IDEs, Borland JBuilder v3.5 rose to the top of the pack as amazingly flexible, very fast, and stable. The online help is excellent, the compiler spits out *useful* error messages, the wizards are actually helpful rather than a hindrance... the only complaint I had has already been addressed: it wants alot of memory.

  • 4 starsGreat but resource hungry

    The latest JBuilder from Borland Has been one of the best in the industry. But a word of caution-It takes huge memory to execute and is recommended only for higher end computers. Even hi-power servers(on intranet) may perform poorly in the execution of the program. But yet fairly a nice one-if you are not going to compromise for memory. Anyway, the product is simply great!