Visualage for Java Pro Edition 3.5 Program Pack

Visualage for Java Pro Edition 3.5 Program Pack

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  • 5 starsA solid IDE for professional developers

    I love it! I haven't found other Java development environments with the features, integration, and robustness of VA.

    The visual composition editor is an engineering piece of work, and "wiring" (connecting visually Java beans properties, events, and methods) is not only fun, but what I understand component based development should be.

    Project-oriented organization and the repository simplifies Java classes management, versioning, team sharing, etc. Smart guides (wizards) are simply addictive, going from servlet and JSP development, to Object-to-Relational model building (either direction), EJB support, connectors for MQSeries, SAP R/3, Lotus Domino, CICS, etc. I've found myself writing less and less Java code...

    Integrated with other IBM and non-IBM tools, like WebSphere Studio or Rational Rose, and including a WebSphere test environment for servlets, JSP, and EJB testing, it's the one-stop environment I was looking for.

    The online help is a *must* until get acquainted with this kind of environments, and VA it's not an exception. Too much power under the hood to handle it just by trial-and-error... Anyway, the learning curve is better than reasonable, considering the richness of the tool.

    Not surprising, I'm recommending VA Java to anyone serious about Java enterprise development.