CodeWarrior Pro for Java 6.0

CodeWarrior Pro for Java 6.0

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In CodeWarrior-speak, Java isn't just a programming language--it's also a "target," something similar to a platform in its instruction of the Java Virtual Machine. In the CodeWarrior for Java Pro 6.0 package you'll find the standard CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to use for development, plus speedy rapid application development (RAD) tools and the CodeWarrior debugging tool. What makes this Java package special is the addition of Java Linker (a plug-in for the IDE), JavaDoc (which processes source code files to create HTML-based documentation), and JavaCheck (which tests how viable applications and applets are for different Java platforms).

Creating a new project is simple with the package's wizards. To create a new applet, for example, it takes less than two minutes to specify the project's details, including applet size and which classes to create, and to generate an HTML page for applet testing. The wizard collects your information and then--with a little bit of cogitating on the machine's part--you have your blank applet, ready to go to work on.

Object Inspector serves as mission control for the properties and events of all components in use. This window makes it easy to explore different color and font combinations, layouts, cursor types, and more--the attribute changes immediately in your project as you tinker with these settings in Object Inspector. Component Palette gives you one-click access to the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) and Swing components.

Double-clicking on any object or event in the Object Inspector window gives quick-click access to the source code. The editor window's menu offers the ability to change your platform, color-code your code, review your functions, and much more.

Much of the CodeWarrior for Java Pro 6.0 flexibility comes from the extensive preferences and customization options available to you. The preferences menu is instantly available from the toolbar and here you'll find options to adjust everything from drag-and-drop editing to your RAD environment grid size and what windows and palettes appear when. You'll also find plenty of ways to personalize your workspace if you'd rather avoid the WYSIWYG look and feel of the wizards and head straight for the editor.

The accompanying documentation does well to introduce you to the CodeWarrior workspace, and portions of it are even introductory to Java and general programming principles. Even if you're a top-level Java programmer, it still may take a little time to acclimate yourself to the CodeWarrior IDE. Some of the nuances and features aren't immediately intuitive--particularly because this is a huge application--which makes the enclosed quick reference card especially useful. With this card you'll become familiar with all of the application's keyboard shortcuts, and how to find your way around the project and editor windows. Additionally, both the digital and print versions of the IDE user guide are available for your reference. And the help files within CodeWarrior take a "how-to" approach for presentation of information, making it pretty easy to answer those "How would I...?" questions that pop up throughout the development process. --Emilie Dirks

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  • 3 starsSimple, solid, good, but IntelliJ is better

    I have been using it for a couple of months now. Much simpler than VisualAge for Java. It does everything I need. Good debugging, good editor, decent GUI builder. Source control integration could be better, though. This is for people who like an open environment.
    Update (one year later) : I am now using IntelliJ. Much better ! Forget about CodeWarrior. It's not bad, but IntelliJ is clearly superior.