Java Kids Version 2.0 By Kidware

Java Kids Version 2.0 By Kidware


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  • 2 starsNice try, but rewrite it please.

    From my son Ossian (11)
    Too much blah blah at the start. We should start doing things ourselves much sooner. Bananas example is funny. Lots of complicated words (parenthesis, .....). I don't understand why I have to learn so much at once, without being able to try it out.

    From Dad (49)
    Based on the sample chapters, I've decided not to buy this book.

    The Author doesn't seem to trust a child to try out a simple program right from the start. I tried to remain bright and breezy, but my son yawned through the entire first three chapters.

    Only when we (both) lost patience and started to try things out ourselves did he show signs of getting involved.

    Several examples of each concept (data types, operators, parenthesis etc) were introduced with no encouragement to try them out, and I found some of the well-intentioned "wisdoms" irrelevant to a newcomer.

    Focus at start is heavily procedural. Just take a minimum number of keywords needed to build a meaningful class, and get a program running!

    Though good-willed, seemed rather naive. I was frustrated by what I felt was an old-fashioned approach (remember how teachers used to stand in front of a class and talk.. and talk.. and talk?).