Whizlabs Java Certification (SCBCD) Simulator

Whizlabs Java Certification (SCBCD) Simulator

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  • 4 starsmakes a good product.

    SCBCD Exam Simulator comes with 5 mock exams and a quiz. Once I was finished with the exams in it I also shown the reports with the numbers and percentages of correct answers per exam criteria, making it easy to determine which areas require further study. The quality of question is also good and it makes a good product.

  • 4 starsCustomized Exam and Quiz feature help a lot

    The product came as a good resource with 5 Mock Exam simulations. The "Quiz" and the "Customized Exam" offered immense help when I needed to concentrate on any one particular area of my study. What it means is that if I could concentrate on the EJB-QL criteria, i could also choose to do a quick quiz on questions just relating this criteria. I even set my own timings for the quiz. I also created a customized exam containing as many questions on EJB-QL.

  • 5 starsRecommended!

    Whizlabs Exam simulators are a valuable resource at the time of self-preparation. These not only help you practice using the various practice exams but also let your work on your weaknesses. The customized exams option is the best feature of the Simulator which helps you decide and work on your choice of number of questions, difficulty levels and time duration.

    I liked the customized quiz option